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Network Technologies simplifies IT support with a thorough, systematic approach to managing your IT needs…

”IT Support Made Simple”.

  • Our proactive services create a more stable network environment by preventing many common network issues before they occur. Our clients have peace of mind that their networks are secure and backed up at all times.
  • Our reactive services provide timely support enhanced by our online remote support system. Our technicians are experienced in today’s latest technology.
  • We perform our IT-needs assessment by meeting with business owners/managers to understand future business needs and help develop strategic IT plans to meet those requirements.

Network Technologies brings an affordable corporate style support system to small and medium sized businesses. Our system increases productivity and reduces network down-time with a superior level of support.

Our extensive online knowledge-base maintains a precise documentation of all work performed for each customer and is shared among all technicians.
We are organized and ready to go. All support requests are scheduled in our system and can be accessed at any time by all technicians.

Our service documentation is quite impressive.
Our technicians have client and job details available at a click of a mouse. Our service knowledge-base system keeps all information organized so all technicians are well informed on your issues.

Remote online support is fast and available to all customers with a broadband internet connection. 80% of issues are minor and can be solved in minutes with our remote access system. Our in-house technicians can get you back to work fast.

The difference is all in the approach…
Our proactive system minimizes network issues and protects your data. Our reactive support is fast and effective. Our goal is to give you the tools you need with the least distractions possible.

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Proactive Services

With the following services, Network Technologies creates a more stable network environment, preventing many common network issues before they occur. Our clients have peace of mind that their networks are secure and up to date.

New Managed Service Provider (MSP) Services: Stay tuned for more information on MSP services. We recently deployed a new data center to host services not offered in our area before!

Anti-virus/Malware Protection: Your network is monitored for active threats and scanned for potential vulnerabilities using Security Gateway products from Astaro. Through central management and outbreak prevention policies we can keep your virus/malware protection updated and controlled.

Spam Filtering: With our Security Gateway solutions from Astaro, most spam is removed from your email before it ever gets to your network, reducing virus attacks and unwanted mail.

Security Audits: Our experienced technicians can provide vulnerability assessments, intrusion detection solutions, and security access reviews. And with Astaro Security Gateway appliances our clients have the peace of mind that their network security is monitored for potential risks and safe from external attacks.

Software Updates: We can monitor our clients’ software, making sure the latest software updates are applied and network security patches are installed.

Business Walkthroughs: Sometimes people get too busy to complain about minor IT issues. Our technicians can periodically perform preventive maintenance at scheduled intervals to make sure your business is running smoothly.

Software License Management: Oh yeah, we can keep track of your licensing too. We will go through that messy software closet and get your licensing needs under control.


Reactive Services

We pride ourselves on fast response time and quality customer service. Through remote support or an onsite visit we will promptly get your issue resolved and your employees back to work.

Remote Access: Every end user can be set up so we can access his/her computer remotely. This quick response resolves about 80% of user issues.

On-site Visit: A visit from one of our skilled technicians will promptly resolve your issue.


IT Planning
Network Technologies helps your company determine future IT needs and develop a strategy to meet those requirements.

Purchasing Recommendations: We help you find the right products to meet your individual technological needs. We also offer custom built computer systems backed by a three-year warranty on all parts and one-year on labor.

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celebrating more than 20 years in east texas, network technologies has the skills you need to handle all your IT problems.

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